How a Handwriting Coach made INR 3 Lakhs in Profit

Business summary

Client is a handwriting coach and analyst with 11 years of experience in the industry.

She used to run an offline coaching classes in the capital city and wanted to expand her business to the India and beyond

Also, due to Covid 19, wanted to take her teaching and course Online

She now has 2 modules:

Recorded course.

Live training

Challenges/Pain points

1) The client had no idea of online business and marketing. She had minimum to no online presence. Hence, the main challenge was to make her understand what is online marketing, Facebook ads and how we can leverage it to get her clients from across the globe.

2) Our team had very minimal knowledge on the subject. Hence we had several meetings with the client and in-house research to understand the concept and selling points.

3) We had committed to show her results from the very beginning and hence had to prove ourselves.

How WE Solved These Challenges?

1) We did a series of meetings with the client to understand her point of view and explain how Online Marketing and Facebook Ads work. We also tried to clear her doubts and any hesitations she had about going digital. After a few meetings she was very confident that we were on the right path.

2) Next, we researched the ideal buyer persona/target audience. For handwriting coaching, we had to target parents who have kids above the age of 6 and may have difficulty in writing.

3) We created a Landing Page, Thankyou Page. We also created a New account in LMS platform and created a course with all videos uploaded.

In the landing page, we tried to detail the importance of legible handwriting and also testimonials which showed a kid’s before and after handwriting sample to build credibility and also to make the parents connect with the issue.

LMS used: Thinkific

Video hosting software used: Youtube

Web hosting: GoDaddy

Landing Page builder used: LeadPages

Email Marketing Software used: Mailchimp

4) Now the time came for running the ads. Here, instead of the traditional selling model, we used the webinar Funnel. We tried 2 webinar models – Paid and Free. Paid Webinar gave us limited but quality registrations whereas Free Webinar Model gave us Plenty of registrations with many of them not serious about it.

After much deliberation and brainstorming, we decided to go with the Free Webinar model because with this model we got the most important part of marketing – DATA. We also used an email marketing software (Mailchimp) to send registration confirmations and offers.

The campaign flow was as below:

  • Target audience sees the ad on Facebook or Instagram.
  • After clicking on ad, they land on Leadpages landing page (hosted on client’s domain)
  • On landing page we gave them time slot of the next webinar
  • If the time slot is convenient, the user fills the lead form ( name, Email and Phone Number and registers)
  • After filling the form and clicking on register, they are redirected to Thank you page.
  • On Thank you page, the user is asked to “Join a WhatsApp group”, where the client further engages the audience and shares the webinar details and meeting link.
  • Parallely, an auto email confirming their registration and reminding them to join group, if not done already” was sent to the user as soon as they signed up.

Though we are using email reminders were sent, our target audience did not regularly check those.WhatsApp group has done wonders for us.

5) Even though Facebook Pixels were installed on the landing page, we did not run remarketing campaigns as we already had plenty of registrations. The challenge we were facing was to get these registrants to attend the webinar. Hence, our focus was on that. We also recently started sending SMS reminders and in the very near future, also plan to do tele-calling to remind the registrants about the webinar.

6) One question might arise in your minds! Why Webinar? Why not sell directly? Well, marketing is all about building trust and relationships. Would you spend money on something without seeing or knowing about it? No right. Similar is the case here. Webinar is like a demo. The audience will get to see you, get to know you, get acquainted with your teaching method and other details. This will help in building trust and familiarity. This will make decision making simpler and faster.

7) In the beginning, we attended a few webinars and suggested a few changes. Even today, the webinars topics and methods are changed from time to time. Constant evolving is involved .

The profit (not revenue) we made month by month is below –

June 2020 – 1,50,000 INR

July 2020 – 3,00,600 INR

Now that we know what’s working and whatnot, we are targeting 5 lac INR profit in a single month; that’s the goal!

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Thank you!